Different Types of Doors

04 August 2021
Taushif Hayder
Different Types of Doors

Doors have both a practical use and mystical connotations as well. Leaving the mystical element aside, let’s take a look at the various types of doors available.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are doorways that allow entrance to or exit from a building and are often decorated with special details and features.  They guarantee the safety of people and objects in the building, which is why a high-quality locking system is integrated into them.


Interior doors

Doors that allow access to rooms within the building. They do not provide access from outside the building. These doors provide people with privacy.


Wooden doors

Solid wood doors generally consist of a natural wood frame and a panel structure that can be made of softwood such as pine or hardwood such as oak or maple. Other types of wood that are used to make such doors can be pine, Cyprus, walnut, redwood, or even plywood. This type of door gives a building a stylish look.


Glass doors

They are decorative doors that permit light to pass through. Glass doors not only open the interior of the home to the outside, but they also enrich the view, improve ventilation, and enhance natural light. However, privacy is restricted due to it being transparent. Although they are inherently transparent, their ability to blur the boundaries between the internal and external worlds is also surprising. 


Panel Doors

Panel doors have been very popular for quite some time. The door is not made of a single piece of wood or other materials, but made of panels. Each of these panels are combined to create a complete door. They are popular doors that have been used in households since days of old.


Doors ensure the safety of people and objects in the building, which is the reason why they provide security by controlling access to the doorway.

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